Commercial Recycling

Plastic recycling is ideal for large manufacturers, such as flexible packaging companies, extruders, sign companies, and any company that has plastic waste. Atlanta Polymers offers several options for fast, easy recycling of post-industrial plastic scrap.

We will conduct a waste stream analysis of your facility to identify plastic and metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) that can be recycled so you make additional revenue and keep excess material out of landfills. Once you have incorporated recycling into your processes, Atlanta Polymers will provide a 48- to 53-foot enclosed trailer for easy storage at no cost to you. When your trailer is full, just give us 24-hour notice so we can schedule a pickup and deliver an empty trailer to replace it.

Atlanta Polymers makes recycling an economical choice, and flexible payment terms mean that you get paid faster. We will give you an accurate weight of your plastic scrap and pay you up front with a check, or if you prefer, net 10, 20, or 30-day terms.  Recycling with Atlanta Polymers is also the best environmental choice. Atlanta Polymers will insure that your plastics don’t go to the landfill. Instead, we turn millions of pounds of “trash” into new products, all while keeping our reputation as a green company with integrity, and earning you revenue.

In addition to analysis and storage, Atlanta Polymers offers the following commercial recycling services:

Vertical and Horizontal Baling

Plastic Granulating and Plastic Shredding

Certified Destruction

What We Buy
Atlanta Polymers accepts polycarbonate, acrylic and lexan materials, which then earn you revenue. We will buy all marketable forms of plastics, clean or contaminated. Plastics that we collect are then granulated and shredded, then redistributed throughout our broad network of American manufacturers.

  • Polyethylenes, HDPE, HMW, LDPE, LLDPE
  • Polypropylenes, Homopolymer or Copolymer
  • Polystyrenes, HIPs, Mips and GPPS Crystal
  • Polyvinylchloride, rigid and flexible PVC
  • Polyester, PET, PETG
  • TPO, ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate
  • Film – Rolls, bales, boxes, finished bags
  • Lumps, chunks, purges
  • Metallized, Clear, and Mixed
  • Regrind, Reprocessed pellets, Densified nuggets
  • Resin, powder, pulverized

Contact Atlanta Polymers to start earning revenue by recycling your plastic waste!