Granulating & Shredding

100_0737After your plastic recycling arrives at Atlanta Polymers, it will go through our shredding and granulating process. Shredders break down large pieces of plastic into smaller pieces, while the granulator breaks plastic down even further. The end result is small pellets of equal size, which can be directly incorporated into another manufacturing process, such as injection molding or blow molding.

By redistributing plastic scrap that has been shredded and granulated, Atlanta Polymers insures that your proprietary information is safeguarded. Redistributing ready-to-use material also increases the value of your plastic recycling.

How Plastic Granulators Work
A granulator is powered by an electric motor that turns a rotor. Cutting blades are attached to the rotor, so the plastic fed into the granulator is swiftly cut down to small pieces.  The screen on the granulator will determine the size of the granulated material.  To change the granulated material size, the screen is replaced with another screen with different sized escape holes.